QA and Testing

QA and Testing

PV Technosoft believes in the saying, “If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it” and that is why our experts strive to give you a reliable product by implementing quality standards.

We bring quality to various systems and applications with the help of our focused Process- Oriented approach to Software Testing.

Our Testing team comprises of Test designers and Test engineers who are certified and are trained on advanced software testing techniques, tools and technologies to perform various activities like Test Strategy, Planning, Test Design and Execution.

We have built enduring relationships with our clients based on quality delivery of services and trust.

Our Services

“Improve the performance of your application/ product as per expectations” Functional testing, simply stated, verifies that an application does what it is supposed to do (and doesn't do what it shouldn't do)

“It helps your application or product to be more user friendly” We offer clients an industry-proven process for solving these increasingly complex technology / business problems

“It helps your application or product to be compatible on all platforms” P V Technosoft provides Compatibility Testing services that evaluate a variety of software and hardware platforms

“Speed, scalability and stability of your product at varying loads” As organizations continue to drive more customers to their website applications, the increased traffic can push

“Ensures reported product defects have been corrected for each new release” Similar in scope to a functional test, a regression test allows a consistent, repeatable validation of each new release of a product or Web site

Testing Services

“To keep your product/application secure against all vulnerabilities” Application vulnerabilities leave your system open to attacks, downtime, data theft, data corruption and application defacement.

P V Technosoft is an "end to end" mobile applications testing solution covering functional, automation, performance and security testing of mobile.

“We love to play games with a careful eye on technical details” PV Technosoft has a network of game testers across the nation. We partner with game design studios of all sizes to ensure their product.

“Data is very crucial and an important asset for the organization” The database holds your application’s data and is the nerve centre of your application. The data is also the most important asset.

“Distance is not a constraint and that is why we offer offshore We have a well-equipped infrastructure and methodology to provide Independent QA/testing services in a controlled environment.