Media and Entertainment

Media and Entertainment

Technology is changing the face of media business the way content is produced, how it is distributed and even how customers interact with media and collaborate to co-create content. Today customers are looking for a seamless experience across multiple media channels like print, web, mobile etc.

At PV Technosoft we can leverage their company's existing media & entertainment assets to be responsive and flexible to the changing online landscape. PV Technosoft has served the media & entertainment publishing industry for well over a decade and can create a customized media & entertainment solution for their company that favors multi-device use. PV Technosoft delivers effective, customizable technology solutions ranging from complex database-driven web applications to effective digital asset management systems, web hosting and database maintenance solutions, to digital marketing solutions.

Media, Broadcasting and Entertainment

Media, broadcasting and entertainment marketing requires presenting your content the way today’s consumers expect to get it — available on multiple channels and across multiple devices. We help you better understand your audiences, deliver content on every platform and take advantage of revenue opportunities.

In today’s competitively digitized world, leading Media organizations realize how decisive effective data management and advanced analytics are for their industry. They are always looking out for means to efficiently exploit the subtle and critical opportunities in this ever-growing union of Big Data and Technology, which once transformed into actionable insights, can empower every resource within their organization to make smarter, faster and even more accurate decisions.

PV Technosoft delivers an extensive portfolio of highly robust, reliable and secure cloud services that enable Media and Publishing companies to reduce IT costs, streamline operations and scale global content delivery. By moving content storage, production and delivery to the PV Technosoft cloud you can reduce your capital investment in IT infrastructure and free up internal resources to focus on your core business of creating compelling content instead of building and managing infrastructure.

Content creators, producers, distributors, broadcasters and publishers are leveraging the on-demand, pay as you go benefits of the PV Technosoft Cloud to create, deliver and measure compelling content and customer experiences. The PV Technosoft services portfolio and partner ecosystem provide highly scalable, elastic, secure and cost effective solutions for storing, archiving, computing, transcoding, distributing and analyzing a full range of video, audio and digital media content in the cloud.