Energy and Utility

Energy and Utility

PV Technosoft Energy and Utilities practice provides end to- end IT services, solutions and consulting to EU organizations to enable them to address business needs and become agile, resilient and proactive.

We partner with energy clients for greater efficiency on all fronts, from streamlining supply chains and optimizing asset utilization to improving customer care and complying with regulations. Utilities frequently deal with big data. New “smart meters” generate huge amounts of data that must be ingested and analyzed very quickly. Our advanced technologies are ideal for breakthrough applications that gather and analyze data in real time, enabling actions that save money – and the environment.

Power sources, Deregulation and Empowered

It’s the end of the line for single, top-down energy giants acting as the sole power provider for entire markets. New technology, alternative power sources, deregulation and empowered customers are reshaping the energy landscape and redefining the role of the power company. Utilities are recasting themselves with a new focus on service and innovative features. They are now in partnership with the consumer to develop custom energy plans for each and every power user. Smart meters and smart grids create a seismic shift in energy management and flexibility, and the very nature of power generation and storage is changing daily. Winners are adapting rapidly and harnessing technology to manage the data that is powering this revolution.

Improve accuracy of demand and supply forecasts. Track leading indicators to adjust operations to market changes. Exploit sales, marketing and customer service processes reducing the cost to serve. Reduce plant, asset and procurement costs.

Providing Utilities companies with industry specific data migration, data quality and information governance solutions accelerates project timelines, streamlines data governance initiatives and enhances operational efficiency and sustainability.

As utilities around the world respond to the mandates of operational efficiency, regulatory compliance and environmental sustainability, they increasingly recognize their operations are real-time activities that must be harmoniously integrated across the ecosystem and monitored with full situational awareness. As utilities embrace new business opportunities, they need to be prepared to manage vast amounts of diverse data that must be integrated, shared and transformed into actionable and timely information.

PV Technosoft provides end-to-end IT services, solutions and consulting – making EU organizations more agile, resilient and proactive – while improving customer service and complying with strict and complex regulations.